Chargers 2012 Season Outlook


With last Sunday’s crucial loss to the Broncos the Chargers fell to a 4-6 record. With that loss the Chargers are effectively knocked out of the divisional race, and their wild card prospects are slim.  With a loss Norv Turner is a lame duck, and AJ Smith might be as well. However there’s still hope, if you remember in 2008 the Chargers started 4-8 and the Broncos started 8-4. The Chargers won their next four and the Broncos lost their next four. Now I’m not saying that’s going to happen, because it’s probably not. But Philip Rivers has put the team on his back before and is almost unbeatable in December. His record in December is 20-2. Here’s the Chargers remaining schedule.

Week 12 Vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are obviously a good team, but they’re not as threatening as they used to be. The defense is banged up, and they’re offense is anemic at times. However the Chargers have the worst offensive line in the league(Arguably). Philip Rivers is an elite quarterback when given time, when he can’t trust his offensive line the Chargers are toast. The Chargers defense kept them in the Denver game last week, forcing two turnovers and a safety, so they’ll play good this Sunday. My prediction Ravens 21 Chargers 17

Week 13 Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The Chargers get hot in December but at this time it might be too little to late. The Bengals are a confusing team, they’re decent but not too good. Andy Dalton should have a field day against the Chargers anemic secondary. Besides Eric Weddle the Bolts have a below average secondary. Philip Rivers should be able to light up the Bengals secondary as well. Look for Rivers and Danrio Alexander to light it up.

My prediction Chargers 31 Bengals 24

Week 14 San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh Steelers

I’ll keep this one brief. Depending on the starter either Byron Leftwich or Charlie Batch the Chargers will pull this one out. The Steelers defense will keep them in the game, but their offense will sputter. Philip Rivers will throw at least one pick, and probably a fumble.  But he’ll be more motivated as they’re playing for their season every game from now on.

My prediction Chargers 17 Steelers 13

Week 15 Chargers Vs. Carolina Kittens(Oops.)

The Chargers haven’t forced too many turnovers but they will force at least one against Carolina. Cam Newton is making rookie mistakes in his sophomore season. The Panthers have probably the worst defensive line in the NFL. They will score points but the turnovers will make it counter productive.

My prediction Chargers 38 Panthers 20

Week 16 San Diego Chargers @ New York Jets

The Jets have a lot of players on their offense that shouldn’t be wearing an NFL jersey. They have a glorified Full Back who was acquired for headlines and headlines only(And to protect the punter). They have a Quarter Back who barely completes 50% of his passes. And a soft running game. Their secondary took a HUGE hit when Darelle Revis got injured. So Philip Rivers will attack. Their solid on the D-line so Ryan Matthews won’t have too much success running the ball.(He’ll probably fumble too.) The Chargers will be riding a hot streak at this time and be hitting the weak part of their schedule. Besides they play good against bad teams. It’ll be close though.

My prediction Chargers 27 Jets 21

Week 17 Chargers Vs. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders stink, they have a good quarter back but he’s a turnover machine. Their running backs are banged up and their defense stinks. They’re head coach has done an admirable job even though he’s like 27 and looks like the coaches son. It’s a rivalry game and the season might be on the line. I’ll keep it short, It’ll be a blowout.

My prediction Chargers 35 Raiders 13

If I’m right the Chargers might get a wild card spot, either that or I’m Nostradamus. However I’m deluding my self a little too much. They might lose to the Bengals(The spread is even) and I’m being a little too hopeful. But the Chargers have been known to surge and play good against bad teams.


There sure is.

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A letter(Not Related to Sports)

English: You make me feel, like the luckiest man on the Earth. I don’t walk when I’m with you, I levitate. Kindest girl, and you have the sweetest face, to go with your pretty name. I wrote this cheesy song because I love you.  And if I’m a fool in love, then let ignorance be bliss. I want, no I need you. Your long flowing hair, your kind eyes, and your nice smile, I think you’re perfect. You make my insides warm, and my knees weak. I feel in love with you because you’re perfect.

Spanish(She speaks Spanish too):Me haces sentir como el hombre más afortunado de la Tierra. Yo no camino cuando estoy contigo, levitar. Chica cordial, y usted tiene la cara más dulce, para ir con su bonito nombre. Escribí esta canción cursi porque Te amo. Y si soy un tonto en el amor, entonces dejé la ignorancia sea dicha. Yo quiero, no te necesito. Su pelo largo que fluye, sus ojos amables, y su linda sonrisa, creo que eres perfecta. Haces que mi interior se caliente, y mis rodillas débiles. Me siento enamorado de ti porque eres perfecto.

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Chargers draft plan

Hi! I’m back, I know it looked like I was gone forever. I’ve been reading a lot of mock drafts and watching a lot of NFL Network. As you know the Chargers most pressing need is Left Tackle. There are three instant starters and many athletes with great potential in the left tackle class. The Chargers hold the 11th pick, there is no way in hell Eric Fisher, or Luke Joeckel slip that far. Lane Johnson might, but if I was a betting man(I am) I would say he wouldn’t last that far. The Chargers have a bevy of dire needs. LT, G, FS, OLB, SS, DT and so on. 

They could reach for Chance Warmack, and maybe move him to LT, or take Jonathan Cooper the more superior prospect if you ask me. I wouldn’t take Dee Milliner, or reach for Desmond Trufant at that point.  They could take Star Louteleli (I spelled it right!) if he slips to the 11th slot. Here is what I would do if I was Tom Telesco.

Look to trade down, maybe look to trade the 11th to the Falcons for they’re 30th, 2nd round pick and 2014 2nd. With the 30th they could take Jessie Jenkins a good DT. Then with the 45th if Terron Armstead is there they can pick him. Armstead ran the fastest 40 time out of Offensive Tackles ever. He’s extremely raw and faced weak competition but if coached properly could end up an All-Pro lineman. Then with the Falcons pick they could end with with Larry Warford a guard out of Kentucky. 

That looks alright to me, the Chargers should trade down to a playoff team. Smart teams trade down for value picks. They could trade down and pick Kenny Vaccaro from Texas. That would fill a instant need.

Anyway this is just a freestyle write(I created that) We’ll see tomorrow. Image 

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Arsenal: Transfer targets and what losing to Tottenham means.


It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post about the Chargers, hell it’s a long time since I’ve written a post period. As the offseason progresses there will be more posts about the Chargers, this is The Bolt Blog after all. Here’s something you readers didn’t know about me, I’m a gooner. I’m one of the few Americans that doesn’t have a lukewarm, when is the world cup type attitude towards soccer.  Anyway I have a lot of time on my hand so enjoy!


Arsenal lost to Tottenham yesterday, 2-1. It’s tantamount to the Bears losing to the Packers or the Lakers losing to the Celtics or Duke losing to North Carolina, it’s a stinging loss. That loss has some serious implications, it could mean Arsenal not qualifying for the Champions League. Not qualifying for the Champions League could reduce the chances of them signing world class talent. This would be the first time in 15 years that Arsenal haven’t qualified for the Champions League. And this would be the 8th straight year they haven’t won a trophy. Imagine if the Lakers stopped winning championships(shudder), imagine if the Yankees weren’t feared anymore(already happening) that’s pretty much what’s happening to Arsenal. I wonder how’d we fare if Stan Kroenke would sell his majority stake?

Arsene Wenger has 70 million dollars to spend in this summer’s transfer’s window. Many high profile players have already been linked to Arsenal. Mario Gotze, Stevan Jovetic, David Villa, Victor Valdes, and Etienne Capoue. Adil Ramil, Yohan Cabaye, and Victor Wayama are more than likely to move to Arsenal than the players I previously mentioned. Let’s wait and see.

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NFL Hangover



Super Bowl 44 was a good game, I’m glad it wasn’t a blowout at the very least. There were a few things that pissed me off, like the power outage, the 49ers lack of focus in the first quarter, and the playcalling in the 49ers last drive. Are fades effective? It’s basically like taking 10 players off the field, tantamount to a isolation hero ball shot in basketball.

Anyway you’ve heard this, you’ve read this. It’s been a week since Super Bowl 44. I woke up Sunday feeling depressed. I can’t flip channels and remark on how Josh Freeman is like Jekyll and Hyde, or how Pat Shurmur is terrible at playcalling, or how Norv Turner is just terrible period, or how Mike Shanahan looks like he lives in Cabo, San, Lucas, or how physical Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman are or how shitty the Chiefs are….. you get the point. 

February sucks, all I can watch is lukewarm basketball and college basketball. College Basketball is not a sport that can support itself,  March Madness is awesome but the regular season is kinda meaningless. Imagine if every top 10 team in college football was losing every week, our brains would be shot to shit. Maybe I’ll start following the English Premier League more closely. 

You readers haven’t seen alot of articles about the Chargers lately. I mean this blog was created to write about the Chargers. Trust me as the offseason heats up I will be tracking every roster move. Before I sign off, I’d like to guarantee that Reggie Bush will be in a Chargers uniform next year. Until then go Chargers go.

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The BoltsBlog: Super Bowl Preview


My heart is pounding. I’m pumped already, this is the match-up I wanted.  So many story lines, two brothers facing off, the inexperienced Quarter Back trying to get a ring, Joe Flacco getting the monkey off his back, Ray Lewis trying to get a second ring in his last game(possibly). Both of these teams are similar, they have great defenses, great special teams, and both teams have a Quarter Back with a dangerous skill set. On Sunday, two Titans will clash,  but who is the best team? Let’s break it down.


OFFENSE:  Both teams have dangerous offenses. The 49ers utilize the very dangerous Pistol offense, while the Ravens are a more balanced team. The 49ers have a North-South Running Back in Frank Gore, while the Ravens have a cutback type of runner in Ray Rice. Joe Flacco has a very good deep ball, and he’s been pretty clutch this post season. Colin Kapernick has limited the turnovers, and is a threat on his feet. But let’s ignore the fact that he is athletic for a minute. His accuracy and his touch passing is very good. His deep ball is also pretty good and being a experienced pitcher, he is very accurate.  Joe Flacco is hot, very hot. He has 8 touchdowns and zero interceptions. He looks very motivated, in the offseason he said he was elite, did anybody believe him? I remember it being very humorous, I’m giving credit where credit is due.  Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin have been tearing it up together, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis have as well, maybe Randy Moss will have a impact on the field as well.  I’m going with my gut here. Edge: Ravens.


DEFENSE:  If Justin Smith is 100% expect the 49ers defense to put in work. Aldon Smith has is probably the best pure pass rusher in the NFC. Navrro Bowman and Patrick Willis have up some gaudy numbers the past two seasons. And of course the Ravens have emotional leader Ray Lewis. They have one of the best safeties ever in Ed Reed, the have a good run stuffer in Haloti Ngata, Paul Kruger is very underrated but one could make a case that he is they’re best defensive player. I think the Ravens defense is slightly overrated, but I will give them credit for snuffing out a explosive Patriots offense. However I just think the 49ers have too many great players on the defensive side of the ball, Edge: 49ers.

(Special note: Watch out for Delanie Walker as well, he’s been pretty instrumental in the blocking game. Oh and I’m a retard for saying Alex Smith should get his job back, no way the 49ers would get here with Alex Smith starting)

SPECIAL TEAMS:  Special teams is very critical in Super Bowl. The Patriots have a couple of rings as a result of Adam Vinateri’s late game heroics. Look for Jacoby Jones to help the Ravens out in the field position game. And I’m not trusting David Akers, his confidence is shot. Edge: Ravens

Now you’re thinking I’m going to pick the Ravens. I’m not. No offense but the Ravens have been riding on pure momentum and motivation. They are a good team, and they’ve played great but the 49ers are the better team. I did give the offensive edge to the Ravens but it’s a slight edge. A very thin line if you will. The 49ers have the edge on Defense and I don’t think the Ravens will be able to contain the pistol offense. It’s going to be a close, high scoring affair. Besides Nate Silver predicted it, so it’s bound to happen.(Google him, he’s like a modern day Nostradamus)

My prediction: 49ers 38 Ravens 34

This is going to be great, before I end this let me just throw in a shameless plug. I will be live tweeting the Super Bowl, from kickoff to the very end, funny observations, analysis and relevant plays will be tweeted. Here is my twitter handle-, I follow back. Until then Go Bolts go. 



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An Apology to Dean Spanos


It’s time for me and many other Chargers fans to sincerely apologize to Dean Spanos.   From the outset of the season, I’ve been highly critical of him.  I had no hope this offseason, I knew in my heart that Jimmy Ray lll was going to get hired, and Bruce Arians with him.  I didn’t think Dean Spanos was going to go after a universally respected executive, and pair a highly sought after coordinator to pair up with.  They hired the right position coaches, and the right offensive coordinator. This offseason has been great so far.

The right guys have been fired, and the right guys have been hired. Seems like the opposite for the Chargers usually right? I wasn’t thinking rationally, when I criticized Dean, I didn’t think he was capable. I’m glad to be 100% wrong, I’d rather be a cynical naysayer that’s proven wrong than being the told you so guy.    Under the new leadership of Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy, Chargers fans have plenty reasons to be excited for.  Of course I’m not going to get too happy and jinx it all, but in the end it feels good to be a Chargers fan.

For the first time in a long time, I don’t dread the upcoming season. I don’t dread the offseason, I’m not waiting for the delayed inevitable. I’m not going to suffer next September, under a lame duck coach. My leaders are saying and doing all of the right things. And the guy who hired them? He deserves the praise as well, he deserves the praise for giving Mike McCoy the power he needed to get things done. I was wrong, 100% wrong. And for that Dean, I’m sincerely sorry.

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Conference Championship Review


I didn’t have time to write a conference championship preview but let’s review yesterdays games.

The Falcons came out with a message, at the beginning of the game of course.  The Falcons choked again, they were up 24-14 when the turnover bug hit them. Some questionable play calling and clock management ultimately led to their demise. Colin Kaepernick, didn’t run wild, but he didn’t have to.  His deep ball throw was amazing, and his confidence and ability to keep calm under pressure was the deciding factor yesterday.  The Falcons were unable to capitalize on the 49ers mistakes, like when Michael Crabtree fumbled on the 1 yard line.  Simply put the Falcons choked……. again.  Exciting game though, one of these days Matt Ryan will get the monkey of his back(Probably a gorilla now)


Alright I’m 0-3 when I pick against the Ravens. I’m now convinced that Roger Goodell wants Ray Lewis to get his ring.  On a side note, nobody forgives Michael Vick for the dogfighting incident, but we happily ignore the fact that Ray Lewis killed two people? Whatever. I picked the Patriots, but I was rooting for the Ravens. I mean I hate the Patriots and Dan Shaugnessy, and every Patriots fan. Honestly every Patriots fan hopped on the band wagon in 2001.  Anyway before I turn this article into a soapbox on why I hate the Patriots and their fans, the Ravens D was stifling.   Joe Flacco(I think we can call him “Joe Cool” now.) looked pretty good yesterday.  I can’t trust the Patriots against any team with a decent defense. Their is a specific blue print on how to beat the Patriots, every decent team knows it.  I don’t know why Belichick won’t adjust and change things up, like seriously just make that pansy, Ugg boots sponsor, Beiber hair cut looking Quarter Back uncomfortable. Sack him, make him taste the grass.  Now we get the “Harbowl”   I’ll do a mass preview of it in a couple of days. Until then go chargers go!



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Chargers Name Mike McCoy as Head Coach


I’m elated right now.  Tom Telesco made the right move. This is a hiring that has energized a locker room and a fan base.  The Chargers got a young hot shot offensive coordinator to fix Philip Rivers.  Mike McCoy has been the Broncos offensives coordinator since 2009. He made Kyle Orton look decent, then had to transition to a run heavy offense with Tim Tebow. Then he had to revert his offensive system to ease the transition process for Peyton Manning. So basically he knows his offenses. He won’t be playcalling which also makes me jump for joy.  Not only that but he said he’ll bring in his own offensive coordinator to call plays.

I watched the press conference, and McCoy is basically the opposite of Norv Turner. He was confident, demanded attention and likable. He’s keeping John Pagano which is a huge plus for the young defense. McCoy and Philip Rivers are already best friends, and to sweeten the deal, he came in and said he believes in adapting his offense to the teams needs. He seems like a smart guy, really confident and wore a chargers tie.  He came forward with a strong plan to rebuild, and did I mention that he was confident? Sorry but Norv was the last guy that comes up when you think of terms like “leader” “confidence” “winning” “adaptability”.

I’m very excited, can’t wait to see what Telesco and McCoy do this offseason. Seems like Rivers really will improve under McCoy, and yes he is the real McCoy.  Like I previously mentioned Mike McCoy said he would hire a offensive coordinator to call plays and adapt his offense, basically the opposite of what Norv did. Sorry if I’m drooling.

Keep it posted with the bolt blog, as I’l keep you updated on the roster moves and the rebuilding plan. Until then go chargers go!

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Analyzing Every Head Coaching Candidate for the Chargers


The head coach search for the Chargers is definitely heating up. Some candidates have already interviewed and some have interviews lined up.  Let’s analyze each candidate that has already interviewed or has an interview lined up.

1. Image

Let me explain why I pray this doesn’t happen. First of all the guy is only rumored for the job because he and Tom Telesco used to work together. The Chargers are obviously in a rebuilding stage, I mean they did fire the Head Coach and the General Manager. Bruce Arians is(no offense) old. He won’t be the coach for 7-10 years because he’s 60. He hasn’t been tapped to lead a team from the dark ages prior to this season.  I respect him for leading the Colts on a interim basis, but the Colts weren’t really a good team. Their DVOA was 25th in the league and they actually got out scored during the Regular Season.  He would also try to call plays on the offensive side, that would cause two problems. One, the good head coaches leave the play calling to their coordinators, Norv Turner called plays too, that’s just a handicap for head coaches. Two he wasn’t really a good play caller in Indianapolis, from the Colts games I watched he was too conservative, and he didn’t limit the risky throws for Andrew Luck. In other words, please no. There are better options out there.


2. My opinion of Ken Whisenhunt has soured since last week. Tom Telesco in a intelligent guy, he won’t replace a retread with another retread. Also he ran the Cardinals like a country club, kinda like the other guy that got fired.  He was the coach of a team that got blown out 58-0. He could have somewhat salvaged Kevin Kolb, and John Skelton’s careers.  He couldn’t develop Matt Leinart and the offense didn’t improve under his watch. He had a lot of say so in player personnel, the Cardinals had some terrible drafts.  Oh and he decided to draft Levi Brown over Adrian Peterson.  So no, the Chargers can do better.

3.  Image

Lovie Smith was interviewed to satisfy the Rooney Rule. I think he knows it too. Not saying he’s a bad coach, but he’s not fit to lead the Chargers back to contention. He runs a Tampa 2, which is like the opposite of what John Pagano ran. He doesn’t know how to hire a good offensive coordinator. Ron Turner, Mike Tice, Mike Schwartz, the list goes on of horrible offensive coordinators hired under his watch.  The last thing we need is another season of futility on the offensive side of the ball.  I like Lovie but this isn’t the right fit for him.

4.  Image

Jay Gruden the brother of famous coach Jon Gruden is the offensive coordinator for the Bengals.  He intrigues me because he’s young, and has a fiery personality.   The thing that worries me though is that the Bengals offense wasn’t that good. It was average at best. The offense looked really sluggish against the Texans in the playoffs. But I will give him credit for developing Andy Dalton. He has been a head coach before, in the UFL and the Arena Football league.  I think he’s a better option than the candidates previously mentioned but I’m not sold on him yet.

5. Image

Mike McCoy is the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos.  The Broncos played in probably the greatest playoff game ever, I think “The Epic In Miami” was better but that game was the best I’ve seen in a long time. Anyway Mike McCoy is young, and has no head coaching experience. He made Tim Tebow somewhat decent and helped Peyton Manning to get more acclimated to the offense. I really like his chances of getting hired, and I would be satisfied with him getting the job. He’s a hot candidate around the NFL, and every team with a opening has interviewed him or will interview him.  Oh and he fits the bill of a young hot shot Offensive Coordinator.

6.  Image

Mike Zimmer is the defensive coordinator for the Bengals. I really liked what he did what that team. The Bengals strong point was obviously their defense. They had a young and talented defense, much like what the Chargers have.  The problem I see with this though is that the John Pagano just got hired. I don’t know if Mike Zimmer wants to run his 4-3 scheme, but he has used a 3-4 when he was with Dallas I think.  The John Pagano situation might work itself out but I hope if Zimmer gets hired he’ll keep him on staff.

7.  Image

Gus Bradley is the name that gets me excited.  He has developed the best corners in the game in Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman.  Richard Sherman was drafted in the 5th round while Brandon Browner was signed from Canada. The Seahawks actually should be in the NFC title game had Pete Carroll decided not to ice the kicker(IT DOESN’T WORK) Gus Bradley ran a hybrid 4-3/3-4 defense so he knows how to run either, or both.  I think John Pagano will stay if Gus Bradley is hired.  And good news! Mike McCoy, and Gus Bradley the two candidates I want are the front runners for the vacancy.  It also doesn’t hurt that Gus Bradley just looks like a winner.

8. Image

I’ll keep this short. Greg Roman and Tom Telesco were room mates at John Carroll university. So the connection is there. However the team he coordinates for is on the verge of being in the Super Bowl.  It’s way to risky to wait for Roman to be available, when you have 2-3 good candidates waiting.

In the next 48-96 hours a head coach will be hired. hopefully he’s endorsed by me.


Edit: Looks like I was wrong, the next morning McCoy was introduced. Go Chargers go!

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Divisional Round Preview

Last week’s games were kinda boring. This weeks games look more promising, with some serious star power and some tantalizing story lines I can’t wait for the Weekend. Well let’s get into the match ups.


 Ravens Vs. Broncos

The Broncos have been riding a 11 game winning streak and, the Ravens have been fired up lately as they are playing for Ray Lewis.  Although the Ravens have been playing well, I just can’t see them pulling a win out. I think the Broncos will be able to contain Ray Rice, and force Joe Flacco to beat them with his arm.  I think the Ravens will be able to put points on the board, but Peyton Manning will out gun them. It’ll be close but Peyton Manning and the Broncos will pull it off.

My prediction- Broncos 31 Ravens 24

Packers Vs. 49ers

I’m feeling very confident about the 49ers. If Justin Smith plays the Packers will have a hard time getting the run game going. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarter backs, but the Packers inability to run the ball really annoys me. The defense is also pretty vulnerable, so I can see Colin Kaepernick torching the secondary. Ultimately I can’t see the one dimensional packers beating a well rounded 49ers team. It’ll be close, I’m picking San Fran.

My prediction- 49ers 28 Packers 20.


Seahawks Vs. Falcons.

I should have never doubted the Hawks last week, they’re a physical hard hitting team. If Richard Sherman can lock down Julio Jones or Roddy White the Falcons offense will slow down a little. Michael Turner isn’t really a threat anymore, and I’m not sure Matt Ryan has the mental fortitude to beat tough defenses. Russell Wilson adds another dynamic to the Seahawks offense and is really accurate with the deep throw. Marshawn Lynch is a guy that the Falcons don’t want to initiate contact with. To keep it short the Falcons come off as soft to me. I might be wrong but I’m taking the Seahawks.  Expect the game to be a high scoring affair.

My prediction- Seahawks 38 Falcons 34.


Texans Vs. Patriots

Arian Foster used a Dan Shaugnessy column as motivation. I hate Dan Shaugnessy and I hate the Patriots. After reading that article I’m now rooting for the Texans. I think the Patriots are the better team and I’m still picking them because Matt Shaub isn’t dependable. Tom Brady has a lot of weapons to work with and Gronk is back. I think the Patriots win by 10.

Patriots 31 Texans 21. 

I think I’m going 4-0 this week, until then see ya.


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