It’s over. (Where to next?)


The Chargers didn’t get motivated for yesterday’s game. Nor did they do so for the past three games. It’s over might as well play the funeral march.The Talent shows up for the first 3 quarters and disappears in the 4th. The Offense is putrid, the offensive line is of D-3 quality.  The Head Coach is a glorified offensive coordinator who doesn’t know how to adjust his offense when most of the weapons leave. 

With that being said, what now? Obviously you fire Norv, who has been overdue for about 2 years now. You fire AJ, because we have to start over. Besides he’d just hire another spineless coach. The Chargers will miss the playoffs for a third straight season. Dean Spanos brought AJ and Norv back in hopes of them making the playoffs. The message was clear- Make the playoffs and your jobs are saved. Obviously AJ didn’t get it because he forgot that you have to protect your immobile franchise cornerstone. Norv didn’t get because, well he’s Norv.  Start the young kids. Start Melvin Ingram, start Shareece Wright, start Marcus Gilchirst. What else do we have to lose? Might as well bench Philip Rivers as well. 

Later on I’ll compile a head coaching list, until then Go Chargers Go.



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