Potential Candidates For the Chargers Job

The San Diego Chargers, sit at 4-8 and are knocked out of the playoff race. It’s time to tank. A very common occurrence in the NBA, where bad teams tank on purpose in lieu of getting a higher chance at a high draft pick. Let Jonas Mouton, Brandon Taylor, Ladarius Green and Shareece Wright get a considerable amount of playing time. Now is a period of time where the organization has to evaluate the young talent. Try to get the 6th pick, Luke Joeckel might fall into their laps.   Now we know Norv is gone, he’s a lame duck, AJ has a small chance at staying but fans might riot if he stays. Let’s get into a dream list of head coach candidates for the overdue vacant head coach job.(Note- This isn’t in any particular order.

1. Chip Kelly- Chip Kelly is the prettiest girl in school and he knows it. His offense is innovative and just based on the last few Chargers games, it looks like we need a offensive genius. Now there are a few issues, Kelly likes Mobile Quarter Backs. We all know Rivers can’t scramble much, if bringing Chip Kelly means getting rid of Philip Rivers, then I would not like to see that. Besides that would be counter productive because good coaches have been rumored to take over the job because of Rivers. He would also need a good offensive line, which is why the Bolts need to tank. And I don’t know how his offense would translate to the pros but I’m sure he would be able to adjust.


2. Rich Bisacchia- This would be a in house hire, as he is the assistant coach/special teams coach but he is head coach material. He would instill some mental discipline in the Chargers and he shows emotion, unlike the stoic Norval.


3. David Shaw- I love David Shaw, and if I’m the GM he’s the first person getting a interview. He replaced John Harbaugh, and when many expected Stanford to falter a little bit he hit the ground running. He is a physical type coach, which would get rid of the “soft” image for the Chargers. Issues- Ryan Mathews is fumble prone, don’t know if he would be ready to carry the ball 25-30 times a game. The offensive line is terrible, but if they upgrade he would be able to use his offense.

4. Jay Gruden- The Younger and less famous brother of John Gruden is a good offensive coordinator. He developed Andy Dalton, a 2nd rounder and almost won him rookie of the year. Rivers is obviously past the development stage, but Gruden could help him resurrect his image(Remember 2009 Philip Rivers?)


5. John Gruden- It would be hard to get him out of his Monday Night Football booth but it’s possible. A good coach like Gruden will come to San Diego because of Philip Rivers. He didn’t wake up one day and stop being good. He’s only 30. He is elite with a decent line in front of him. Dean might not let John call the shots, Turner didn’t have much say in drafting decisions.


6. Mike Zimmer- The Bengals defensive coordinator, is a stalwart coach. Notice how I’m listing tough coaches on this list? The Chargers need to start over. A Rebirth of sorts. They need to cut ties with AJ and Norv. The “soft” image still permeates within San Diego’s realm. (Can’t really take the city serious when Sea World is the top destination)

Notable Omissions:

1. Andy Reid- Why replace a underachiever with another one? The Eagles are the NFC version of the Chargers. Sure he lives around San Diego, but so do I. Am I a potential replacement for Norv Turner?

2. Mike Holmgren-  There’s rumors that he would only consider coaching the Cowboy’s. Besides he didn’t do a good job of buying the ingredients in Cleveland.

3. Bill Cowher- He is a long shot, but I didn’t list him because he loves CBS. Would be hard to pull him from the CBS crew. He would be a good hire though.


Key’s for a perfect off season. Norv and AJ get fired. Chargers get a top 8 pick. Draft Luke Joeckel.  Hire one of the coaches on this list.



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