Report: Chargers to fire Coach Norv Turner and General Manager Aj Smith


When this “rumor” first surfaced, I jumped for joy. Finally Dean Spanos is taking responsibility for his actions. Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum get their overdue walking papers. The 4-8 Chargers have been steadily regressing since 2007. Going from 2 playoff wins, to 1 playoff win, to zero playoff wins, to three straight seasons of no playoffs. I’m giving Norv the benefit of the doubt by saying he didn’t have much say in personnel decisions, I don’t think he wanted Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles and Michael Turner to leave.  But still he couldn’t instill any mental discipline in this team. And his play calling has become quite predictable(Ryan Mathews ran the ball 9 times last game, while Rivers threw the rock like 55 times. That sure had the Bengals defense guessing) I’m not going to delve into why this decision is necessary, cause if you don’t know why it is then you’ve been living under a rock that was under another rock.

  But what I do want to delve into is the comments from the owner Dean Spanos.  “There is only one person in this organization who will make those decisions and that’s me, and I haven’t shared my thoughts with anyone,” the statement reads. “I will make my evaluations at the end of the season.  Anything coming out now – from sources or otherwise – is pure speculation.”

What? Is this guy senile? Now I know it’s not smart to come out and declare you are going to blow the whole thing up(Which will happen) but I mean at least say no comment. What else would you have to evaluate? The Chargers lead the league in game ending turnovers, they are consistent chokers. They are wearing dirty drawers to be frank. AJ  trotted out a stinky excuse for a offensive line, let most of the talent leave, and have failed to effectively replace the outgoing talent .Robert Meachum, Le’ron Mclain, Eddie Royal, Buster Davis, and Larry English. Bob Sanders, Antoine Cason, Atari Bigy. And he had a weird fetish for players from small colleges.  The list of failed replacements go on. There are so many gut wrenching losses, I could not count them on one hand. I’ll try to list them anyway.

1. 2009 Divisional Loss to the Jets. We were way better than that team full of air.

2. 2011 Monday Night Football loss to the Chiefs. “Worst Night Ever”

3. 2012 Monday Night Football loss to the Broncos. 24-0 at halftime, blow the lead.

4. 2007 AFC Championship loss to the Patriots. LT was nursing a ankle injury, Rivers was playing on a torn ACL.

5. Every loss in the 2011 season, counts as 8. See I told you I couldn’t count them on one hand.

That’s why I have a problem with Dean Spanos comments. The evidence is there, there really is nothing to evaluate but the young talent.  Tis be a glorious day for long suffering Chargers fans. Now who is replacing these goons? Stay tuned.


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