Chargers gameplan Vs. the Steelers.


The 4-8 Chargers, likely to be 4-9 travel to Heinz field to take on the Steelers. The Roof is falling. The Offense is pitiful, you have a lame duck coach and a lame duck GM. You have a offensive line that has surrendered 12 sacks in the past 3 games. You have a defense that has tried to win games for them. You have a running back that is emaciated for carries, but when he does receive said carries he fumbles. You have a Quarter Back that has gone from “elite” to morphing into Rex Grossman. Every stat, trend, seems to be going against the Chargers. Like the fact that the Chargers are 0-14 against the Steelers in the regular season. In fact it seems like fate is not on the Bolts side. Well with that premature eulogy let’s get into the keys to victory.

1. Nothing to lose- Norv keeps stating that he isn’t aware of his job security, he’s either lying or really avoiding every form of media available to man. Let’s assume the former. There will be no January football for the Dolts for a third straight season. Play the youngsters. Go for it on 4th and 2, run more play action. Onside kick after a field goal. This form of recklessness will result in 6-10 points.

2. HOLD THE LEAD, PLEASE!- If the Chargers are leading at half, please don’t be surprised if they blow it. In fact be scared if they’re playing good in the first half, that means they won’t show up for the 2nd half(Monday Night Football Vs. Broncos, Week 5 against the Saints, the past two weeks) If they don’t stop wilting like pussies they’ll be able to pull one out. However it’ll probably be best for a loss as I want a high draft pick, you get rewarded with a franchise player for sucking(Read: Andrew Luck, Rg3, otherwise known as “Black Jesus”)

3. Find a way to keep Rivers upright- As I mentioned in my “Why norv and AJ must go” article, AJ Smith didn’t effectively protect his franchise cornerstone. Philip Rivers has a undrafted free agent at his blindside. The Steelers have been looking great in the pass rush, two weeks ago the Ravens who ranked 25th in sacks, put Rivers on his arse 6 times.  I don’t see these D-3 lineman effectively stopping James Harrison, Casey Hampton, Lamar Woodely, Keisel and so on.  Maybe if they start running max protection passes our former golden boy can find his touch again.

4.  Get a pass rush on Big Ben.- He’s injured, and I know it’s not really sportsmanlike but please make him uncomfortable, make him feel like Philip Rivers every time he drops back. Make the Steelers 1-Dimensional. Couple of sacks would be nice.

Is there any hope? No. But if your still delusional like most of us Chargers fans you can take solace in this stat. Philip Rivers is 23-4 in December.


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