Chargers vs. Steelers post game reaction.


Finally! There’s still some life in these bolts. However it seems too little too late. They beat they Steelers at Heinz field, with the tally being 34-24. The Chargers listened to me and pressured Big Ben, while keeping Rivers upright. He threw 3 TD’s and ZERO interceptions. If you protect him and limit turnovers the Chargers will win. The Chargers aren’t tanking like I suggested. This win feels like getting a huge gorilla of their back.

The running game was decent and the defense played good. This still doesn’t save Aj and Norv. But this is a positive sign, being the first .500 team they’ve beat this year. Let’s hope this carries on to Carolina next week.  This win is bittersweet though, the Chargers wait all the way til week 14 to play like they care. Most of the season they’ve been playing half-assed, lackadaisical football. The offense was miserable, but somehow I feel like a dick for being so doom and gloom. I mean I was accurate right? As soon as I stop being delusional the Chargers make me look stupid.  The cynic in me wants the Chargers to lose so we can get a high pick.  Seems a little fair weatherish but this team is still weak in some key areas.

This win was a sign of hope. Hopefully with a retooled roster, a decent GM and a good coach will push us out of the Doldrums. Until then Go Chargers Go.




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