Special Report: What the hell is wrong with the Lakers?


Usually I don’t write about any sport but Football. However the Lakers recent struggles warrant them at the very least a article on this site. They have the best Center in the league, they have Kobe Bryant, 5 time champion, numerous all star selections, 1 time MVP need I say more? Yet they are at a below average 9-14. In this Article I will break down the specific issues with this team. In no particular order.

1. Depth- Injuries happen, when two of your top 5 players get injured your obviously going to struggle. However two injuries shouldn’t leave a team reeling.  There is obviously a significant drop off at the Point Guard position. Chris Duhon just isn’t getting it done. 

2. Defense- The most pressing issue here, the Lakers defense is disgusting, it’s really bad. This would be fine if Mike D’Antoni was coaching the 2004-2005 Suns, but the Lakers aren’t athletic nor are they young enough to make up for the terrible defense. This issue won’t be fixed when Pau Gasol and Steve Nash come back. Western Conference Point Guard’s like Russel Westbrook, Tony Parker, Ricky Rubio and so on will destroy Steve Nash/Steve Blake.

3.  Age-  Steve Nash, is nearing 40 years old(I’m still upset that Chris Paul isn’t toting the rock in Purple in Gold) Steve Nash is still a premier Guard but can you see him containing Russel Westbrook? Kyrie Irving just obliterated the Lakers defense a few days ago, what will he do to Steve Nash? The Lakers need to get longer, younger and deeper. The Knicks made the Lakers look like old dogs last night. Not only do they look like old dogs, they are. (Dwight Howard didn’t come to LA for this but if he leaves…….)


How to effectively solve these issues?  Trade for a athletic 3 forward. Think  Josh Smith, Rudy Gay, Michael Beasley. The Lakers offense isn’t too bad but they need some defensive stoppers. Get some Point guard depth. Delonte West is rumored…. among others are Johnny Flynn, Jannero Pargo and Mike James. Get Johnny Flynn, he’s young and a decent defender. Fire Mike D’Antoni and hire the zen master. Just kidding. The season is young, I won’t cast any serious judgement on this team until I see at least a month of Steve Nash getting to jell with these guys.

This is a crucial stretch in the season however. The Lakers are playing the Wizards tonight, they’ll win but let’s see how the defense fares against Bradley Beal tonight. A month from now we’ll check in on the #lakeshow, until then see ya.


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  1. Reblogged this on lakercoach's Blog and commented:
    Lakers should try Jodie Meeks at the point. He would make a dangerous combo in the PnR. Could he hold his own on defense? As good as the rest of backcourt. I think?

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