Out of the blue rant towards the Chargers/Gameplan for tomorrow’s game.


The Chargers face the Carolina Panthers tomorrow. The game is blacked out…. again. The Chargers have a terrible fan base and this is coming from a Dolt fan. They were just trying to sell tickets on groupon a few days ago. What is groupon you may ask? It’s a coupon site where people advertise cheap deals on food items and what not. Kinda sad right? I don’t even need to mention the track record of Norv Turner. Just know that if he was the coach of any other team in any other sport he would have been fired like three seasons ago.

The Chargers have a apathetic fan base. Dean Spanos has alienated a fan base. The Chargers are widely panned as fair weather fans and rightfully so. But take this into consideration. Say you were a fan of a team. For about 3-4 years they had the best team in that sport. They couldn’t win it all and kept underachieving. Not only that but you have a spineless coach that can’t motivate nor can he adjust. To add salt in the womb, your team never wins a super bowl, in fact they get worse year after year. They choke on such a consistent basis that it doesn’t really hurt much to see it happen. It’s expected, it’s like a tragic comedy(I’m also a fan of Arsenal… so things aren’t looking up).  They have the oldest, outdated stadium in the NFL(The Ghosts of Tobin Route and Jack Murphy nod) Would you support this team by going to games? Cut to every Raider fan screaming yes.  Oh and they kickoff with Ozzie Osbourne’s “crazy train”. Thanks Dean.


The Chargers are like a hot girlfriend that says she loves you, but never bangs you. To add salt to the womb the closest we got in(heh) the super bowl was in 2007, Philip Rivers had a torn acl and LT was nursing a ankle injury.  Being a Chargers fan sucks, but hey there’s always a bright side. The Chargers surge in December, they are still in playoff contention. Norv Turner is getting fired. AJ Smith is getting fired. We’ll get better as we some young talent on the defensive side of the ball. Oh and at least I’m not a Browns fan.

Let’s get into the gameplan.

1. Establish the run. Okay now the Chargers should be able to get the running game going. The Panthers rank 20th in run defense which is below average. Ryan Matthews hasn’t done much this year save for a decent performance against the Saints in week 5. The offense will struggle if forced to be one-dimensional.

2. Game Manage- Last week Philip Rivers threw 3 touchdowns and zero picks. He had 200 yards and made low risk throws. He needs to keep this up.

3. Reckless Norv- I like it, Norv Turner organized a fake punt which resulted in a 4th down conversion. He know’s he’s a goner. Might as well say screw it and try for more fakes and onside kick more.

4. Control the clock- The Steelers only had the ball for 23 minutes last week, which is stifling ball control. Cam Newton is a threat with his big arm and his mobility. Keep the ball away from him.

5. Keep Rivers upright again- The Chargers makeshift offensive line held the Steelers to only 1 sack last week. If they can keep it up the Chargers will win.

Thanks for the read, until then see ya.


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