Chargers Vs. Panthers post game reaction.


The Chargers lost. Not only did they lose they lost in a pathetic way. In front of there home fans, or lack thereof they lost 31-7.  They had a total of 164 yards on offense. Folks it doesn’t get much worse, the sky is falling. I’m not mad, the Chargers have rendered many of their fans emotionless. To put is simply they suck. They have the worst coach in sports. They have a dick for a GM, a senile Owner and a upstairs that just doesn’t care. This is a team like I mentioned that plays in a decrepit by modern standards stadium. Half of the fans there aren’t even Chargers fans. The offense is in shambles, so what now?

ImageLet’s make this nice and easy. Fire Norv and AJ. Restart immediately. Rebuild. I’ll break down what I would do if I was the GM in a few weeks or so.


Oh and the Chargers will probably be gone in 3-4 years. Good, they need to get rid of that fair weather image. Keep it posted as I’ll be making a new series “If I was the GM” Until then see ya.



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