Analyzing Every Head Coaching Candidate for the Chargers


The head coach search for the Chargers is definitely heating up. Some candidates have already interviewed and some have interviews lined up.  Let’s analyze each candidate that has already interviewed or has an interview lined up.

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Let me explain why I pray this doesn’t happen. First of all the guy is only rumored for the job because he and Tom Telesco used to work together. The Chargers are obviously in a rebuilding stage, I mean they did fire the Head Coach and the General Manager. Bruce Arians is(no offense) old. He won’t be the coach for 7-10 years because he’s 60. He hasn’t been tapped to lead a team from the dark ages prior to this season.  I respect him for leading the Colts on a interim basis, but the Colts weren’t really a good team. Their DVOA was 25th in the league and they actually got out scored during the Regular Season.  He would also try to call plays on the offensive side, that would cause two problems. One, the good head coaches leave the play calling to their coordinators, Norv Turner called plays too, that’s just a handicap for head coaches. Two he wasn’t really a good play caller in Indianapolis, from the Colts games I watched he was too conservative, and he didn’t limit the risky throws for Andrew Luck. In other words, please no. There are better options out there.


2. My opinion of Ken Whisenhunt has soured since last week. Tom Telesco in a intelligent guy, he won’t replace a retread with another retread. Also he ran the Cardinals like a country club, kinda like the other guy that got fired.  He was the coach of a team that got blown out 58-0. He could have somewhat salvaged Kevin Kolb, and John Skelton’s careers.  He couldn’t develop Matt Leinart and the offense didn’t improve under his watch. He had a lot of say so in player personnel, the Cardinals had some terrible drafts.  Oh and he decided to draft Levi Brown over Adrian Peterson.  So no, the Chargers can do better.

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Lovie Smith was interviewed to satisfy the Rooney Rule. I think he knows it too. Not saying he’s a bad coach, but he’s not fit to lead the Chargers back to contention. He runs a Tampa 2, which is like the opposite of what John Pagano ran. He doesn’t know how to hire a good offensive coordinator. Ron Turner, Mike Tice, Mike Schwartz, the list goes on of horrible offensive coordinators hired under his watch.  The last thing we need is another season of futility on the offensive side of the ball.  I like Lovie but this isn’t the right fit for him.

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Jay Gruden the brother of famous coach Jon Gruden is the offensive coordinator for the Bengals.  He intrigues me because he’s young, and has a fiery personality.   The thing that worries me though is that the Bengals offense wasn’t that good. It was average at best. The offense looked really sluggish against the Texans in the playoffs. But I will give him credit for developing Andy Dalton. He has been a head coach before, in the UFL and the Arena Football league.  I think he’s a better option than the candidates previously mentioned but I’m not sold on him yet.

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Mike McCoy is the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos.  The Broncos played in probably the greatest playoff game ever, I think “The Epic In Miami” was better but that game was the best I’ve seen in a long time. Anyway Mike McCoy is young, and has no head coaching experience. He made Tim Tebow somewhat decent and helped Peyton Manning to get more acclimated to the offense. I really like his chances of getting hired, and I would be satisfied with him getting the job. He’s a hot candidate around the NFL, and every team with a opening has interviewed him or will interview him.  Oh and he fits the bill of a young hot shot Offensive Coordinator.

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Mike Zimmer is the defensive coordinator for the Bengals. I really liked what he did what that team. The Bengals strong point was obviously their defense. They had a young and talented defense, much like what the Chargers have.  The problem I see with this though is that the John Pagano just got hired. I don’t know if Mike Zimmer wants to run his 4-3 scheme, but he has used a 3-4 when he was with Dallas I think.  The John Pagano situation might work itself out but I hope if Zimmer gets hired he’ll keep him on staff.

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Gus Bradley is the name that gets me excited.  He has developed the best corners in the game in Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman.  Richard Sherman was drafted in the 5th round while Brandon Browner was signed from Canada. The Seahawks actually should be in the NFC title game had Pete Carroll decided not to ice the kicker(IT DOESN’T WORK) Gus Bradley ran a hybrid 4-3/3-4 defense so he knows how to run either, or both.  I think John Pagano will stay if Gus Bradley is hired.  And good news! Mike McCoy, and Gus Bradley the two candidates I want are the front runners for the vacancy.  It also doesn’t hurt that Gus Bradley just looks like a winner.

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I’ll keep this short. Greg Roman and Tom Telesco were room mates at John Carroll university. So the connection is there. However the team he coordinates for is on the verge of being in the Super Bowl.  It’s way to risky to wait for Roman to be available, when you have 2-3 good candidates waiting.

In the next 48-96 hours a head coach will be hired. hopefully he’s endorsed by me.


Edit: Looks like I was wrong, the next morning McCoy was introduced. Go Chargers go!


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